Let’s play cozy & cottagecore games, together~ 🍄🌿

Hi there, I’m Bliss!

i’m a cozy content creator– creating short-form videos, gaming videos, tutorials, and hopefully, making friends along the way~

Java Edition FAQ

How to set up Mizuno’s 16craft and CIT packs for Java Edition, alongside Cocricot, Minia Turia, and a variety of other setups!

Bedrock Edition FAQ

Playing on Bedrock or Pocket Edition? There’s a ton of great add-ons to help get your game looking cottagecore and cozy!

Bliss’s Palette Generator

Stuck or need a palette of blocks for a practice build? This Mizuno’s Palette Generator is a great place to start!

✨ More cottagecore gaming…

Ready to build with me?

I regularly create and upload build videos, tutorials, and a variety of other games on YouTube, including creating with Mizuno’s 16craft, Cocricot, Minia Turia, and other Minecraft CIT packs!