The “Oops, It’s Not Working” Troubleshooting Guide

If you need help installing CIT packs for Java Edition, setting up a third-party launcher, or fixing an error, this is the page for you!

Not quite sure where to start? Try checking out either of my YouTube videos below!

Didn’t answer your question? I’ve made a handy list of common error messages below!

If you’re still stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out in #troubleshooting on Discord!

  • Windows: Press Win+R, then type %appdata%.minecraft, then press OK.
  • MacOS: In the Finder, from the top Go menu, select ‘Go to Folder’, then type: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft, and click Go.
  • Linux: c’mon you’re running linux 🥰

ahahahahah… [pained smile] I’d recommend trying my “Moving to Sodium” retrospective write-up for a good place to start your mod adventure:

  • You may be missing the latest version of Java on your computer, which can be grabbed without Oracle’s restrictions at Note: you can have multiple versions of Java on your computer!
    • Java 8 is the only version that works for Minecraft 1.15 or lower
    • Java 16+ is required for Minecraft 1.16 to 1.17
    • Java 17+ is required for Minecraft 1.18 and higher
  • If you’re still having trouble or the icon still doesn’t look right, try running Jarfix! (will directly download the .exe at this link, don’t be alarmed!)

As long as you have Optifine installed, those warnings can be safely bypassed and ignored.

Microsoft scare-tactics. Ignore it. If you’re running Windows 10 or later, you’re protected from malicious .jar files via Microsoft Defender.

  • Double-check your Java launch profile is set to the correct version (Optifine or Sodium, not vanilla).
  • Inside the graphics menu, under Quality -> Custom Entity Models, Custom Items, Connected Textures and Natural Textures must be set to fast or fancy, not off.
  • Does your Optifine version have a “_pre” after it? If so, Optifine will not work. Head to and pick up the latest non-developer version.
  • Try restarting your game once or twice. Often issues can be resolved that way.
  • If you’ve still stuck, ask in #troubleshooting at

If you did everything correct, but the pack isn’t showing up– we need to dive a bit deeper here!

You’ll need to unzip these packs (.zip or .rar files) inside your .minecraft/resourcepacks using 7-Zip, a free archive extraction app. Once installed, right-click the misbehaving .RAR or .ZIP file, hover over 7-Zip in the dropdown, and then click “Extract here” to add a new folder with the resource pack inside. Launch your game again and check if the pack is now there!

CITs are for Java Edition only.

Optifine and Forge/Fabric do not give support for cracked versions of Minecraft and the Chinese-excusive Edition. There are, however, official ports of a handful of CIT packs for Bedrock/PE, which you can take a look at here: