Hosted Projects

Custom JavaScript tool designed to help Black Desert players estimate how much time it will take to level a horse from birth to 100, depending on tier. This calculator was adapted from the original code by Jute of The code was modernized and updated for T9s by Blisschen in 2019, and further updated and optimized for the new level 100 cap by -Pony#0050 from the BDOHC in 2021.

It has received many updates and iterations, and is a project fully supported by the Black Desert Horse Community Discord, alongside other tools for the Training lifeskill. If you have questions about or a code update for this tool, reach out to Blisschen#0001 on Discord, on the BDOHC.

The BDOHC has been a hallmark community of the North America/European release of Black Desert, but has since expanded to nearly 20,000 members across all regions and platforms of the game. It’s the second-largest single Lifeskill/Profession community, only behind Sailing, and I’ve created a variety of content specifically for this server: many guides on the lifeskill, infographics, and compiling information about end-game content and statistics. The community also was, in-part, helpful in sorting through massive amounts of information from the 2019 datamine release to better understand RNG patterns after a three-year collection of self-reported user information was unable to reveal any RNG patterns.

The community also worked with Pearl Abyss to verify independently collected information, such as the Courser’s Spirit Method and Wagon Costuming Effect Bonus, alongside specific, community-produced tools.

For information about this server, you can reach out to Fena#3448 on Discord, on the BDOHC.